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We understand that when your children or family are involved with the court system, your life can become chaotic and confusing. Each of our attorneys takes the time to make sure you understand the court process and to keep you updated regarding the progress of your case, step by step. Your children and family are important to you and they are important to us.
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Child Welfare Cases

School Advoacy

Care and protection, termination of parental rights, and child requiring assistance (CRA) proceedings are serious matters with permanent implications. We are zealous advocates committed to serving your needs --whether that means advocating for new services or resources, a safety plan, a new placement, strategic motions and hearings, for full permanent custody/TPR trials--we help you protect your most valuable asset: your family.
An education is essential and it is your child's right. Let's us help you navigate the myriad of services and school placements available to your child as part of their right to a free and appropriate public education. From a 504 plan to an IEP to a private day school or residential placement, we can help you get it.
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  Our firm partners were proud to present to attorneys across the country at the 2019 ABA Conference on Access to Justice for Children and Families and the 2019 ABA Conference on Parent Representation.

   On March 29, 2019, our firm partners were honored to both receive the Massachusetts Juvenile Bar Association's Book Award, personally dedicated by Chief Justice Roderick Ireland (Ret.).